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Our strategy for calm nights at Sleepydog Kennel is plenty of access to fresh air, mental, and physical stimulation during the day.

Loving Your Pet While You Are Away

Our doggie boarders join our daycare groups on weekdays, and for 4 hours per day on weekends and holidays. Dogs from the same family are generally kenneled together or next to each other unless otherwise requested.

Doggie Boarding

6:30 am - 6:30 pm Weekdays
9:00 am - 11:00 am and 4 pm - 6 pm
Weekends & Holidays
Dogs are boarded in kennels upstairs and downstairs. While our downstairs kennels are comfortable, our upstairs kennels are a little quieter - perfect for more anxious dogs, or just dogs that are accustomed to being pampered! We assign kennels based on size- dogs must have room to comfortably lay down, stand up, and turn around without impediment. We also factor in preference- some dogs prefer a more closed in space versus a large space, some dogs prefer alone time, and some dogs find comfort in being surrounded by other dogs.

Colchester Vermont dog daycare

Boarding Rates   

Downstairs Kennel$50
Upstairs Kennel$55
Dynamic Dog Boarding$60

Dynamic Dogs   Learn More

Colchester Vermont dog daycare
We created the Dynamic Dog Boarding program for dogs that are not ready to interact safely with other dogs. Dynamic Doggie Boarding entails more one:one attention from staff, with an emphasis on training exercises. Dynamic dogs bed down in our upstairs kennels and participate in a minimum of 60 minutes of high-level activity per day, as well as multiple potty breaks. Some dogs graduate from this program and are able to join the pack. Others remain in the program indefinitely, still enjoying mental and physical stimulation in a safe environment. Owners may request the Dynamic Dog program at registration or reservation time, or staff may suggest the program based on their observations.

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